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What is a characteristic feature of nematodes?

Possession of a syncytial epidermis

Where can free-living nematodes be found?

In marine, freshwater environments, and soils of land biomes

How do nematodes reproduce?

Sexually with internal fertilization

What distinguishes parasitic nematodes from free-living nematodes?

Inhabitation of host organisms

What is a distinguishing feature of the phylum Nematoda?

Molting of the cuticle

What is the function of the cuticle in nematodes?

To maintain body shape and enable movement

Which of the following is responsible for secreting the cuticle in nematodes?


In nematodes, what allows them to increase in size during different stages of development?

Molting of the cuticle

Which order of nematodes is particularly common in soil?


How many orders of nematodes regularly occur in soil?


Test your knowledge about the phylum Nematoda, which includes roundworms found in diverse environments, from marine and freshwater to soils and sediments. Learn about the characteristics and diversity of free-living and parasitic species within this phylum.

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