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What is the main focus of the text?

Different interactions and outcomes in ecological relationships

What is the term for a relationship in which both species benefit?


What was thought to be the interaction between oxpeckers and ungulates?

Oxpeckers picking parasites off ungulates

What did the study measure to determine the impact of oxpeckers on tik load?

Number of wounds per ox in the presence and absence of oxpeckers

What is the term for a relationship in which one species benefits and the other is unaffected?


What does the term 'symbiosis' refer to?

Closely interacting species that co-evolve

What is the term for the interaction where fish come to a cleaner station to have parasites removed and may also be eaten?


Which of the following is an example of symbiotic mutualism?

Mycorrhizal fungi and plant roots

What is the term for two interacting species driving each other down a path?


What adaptation did Darwin predict for the orchid called Madagascar star?

Long tube for nectar access

What does the yucca plant do to prevent the exploitation by yucca moths?

Abort flowers with too many yucca moth eggs

What is the main role of fig wasps in the fig's life cycle?

Pollinate the figs

What happens if fig wasps don't effectively pollinate the figs?

The figs selectively abort those figs

What is the term for the interaction where one species benefits at the cost of the other?


What is the term for a multiple fruit developed from an inverted flower part?


What adaptation does the orchid platanthera have to ensure successful pollination?

A long tube hanging off the back of its flower

What is the role of zooxanthellae in coral?

Contribute to photosynthesis and provide nutrients to coral

What is the term used to describe two species that come together on an occasional basis?

Visiting mutualism

What is the main purpose of leguminous plants forming relationships with rhizobia?

To fix nitrogen out of the atmosphere and supply it to the plant

Why is it not clear how a plant can prevent itself from being exploited by bacteria?

Because the bacteria can take nutrients and oxygen from the plant without giving anything in return

What is the relationship between ants and acacia plants based on the provided text?

Ants prevent acacia plants from being exploited by herbivores and other plants

What is the purpose of chitinase in relation to ant and acacia interactions?

To inhibit the ability of ants to leave the acacia plants

What is the most likely reason for leguminous plants reducing the supply of oxygen to bacteria?

To increase the fitness of rhizobia in low nitrogen environments

What is the role of invertase in relation to ant and acacia interactions?

To convert sucrose into glucose, making ants less reliant on nectaries

Why do leguminous plants form nodules with the roots in soil, according to the text?

To supply nitrogen to bacteria living in the soil

Why do acacia plants stop ants from leaving by providing extra floral nectarines?

To make it difficult for ants to consume glucose and fructose

What is the effect of the action of invertase on ants that rely on acacia plants?

The level of their invertase rises, making them less reliant on nectaries.

What makes rhizobium less fit in low nitrogen environments, based on an experiment mentioned in the text?

The high nitrogen atmosphere in which no fixing could occur.

Test your knowledge about different types of interactions between species, including parasitism, commensalism, and mutualism. Explore how mutualism benefits both species involved and how it differs from other types of interactions.

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