Music of the Romantic Period: 1820-1900

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What was one of the characteristics of Romantic music explored during the Romantic period?

Extreme emotion

During which time frame did the Romantic period in music cover?


What impact did the shift to a democratic society have on the support for Romantic composers?

Increased support from the middle class

Which genre was less preferred by the public during the Romantic period?

Chamber music

What scholarly discipline is characterized by the systematized study of science, history forms, and other methods of music?


Which composer was an example of being considered Classical by some and Romantic by others?


What is the main purpose of an etude in music?

To provide practice material for technical skills

Which of the following dances from the Romantic period was considered controversial when it first arrived in England?


What distinguishes a Mazurka as a dance originating from Poland?

In 3/4 time with hops and strong steps

What is a defining feature of the Polonaise dance?

Dance for the Polish nobility

Which dance was brought to America after being introduced in France and England?


What is the main characteristic of character pieces in music?

Suggest an atmosphere or general mood

What is the main characteristic of program music?

It aims to depict musically an extra-musical narrative

Why is the Romantic period considered the Golden Age of program music?

Because it was when musicians wanted to create music as poetically as possible

How do composers of program music convey the extra-musical element or narrative?

By using titles and notes in explanation known as a program

What role do musical forms play in program music?

They serve to provide a foundation for storytelling and character representation

How did Romantic composers differ in their approach to music creation compared to other periods?

They aimed to create music that reflects their identity and personality

Why is program music able to elicit particular mental images and emotions in listeners?

Because it imitates sounds from nature and daily life

What is the term used by Hector Berlioz to represent the character's love interest in his composition Symphonie Fantastique?

Fixed idea

What distinguishes a Concert Overture from an opera overture?

It is an independent single-movement work

Who introduced the orchestral form known as symphonic poem or tone poem?

Franz Liszt

What is the purpose of incidental music?

To add atmosphere to plays

Which instrumental medium was considered the most important for romantic composers?


What type of music is a Symphonic Poem or Tone Poem?

Single-movement composition with a descriptive title

What technical difficulties are typically found in Etudes for piano?

Scales, figurations, arpeggios, chords, and octaves

Why is the piano considered the most important medium of romantic instrumental music?

It can distinctly demonstrate progressions between loud and soft dynamic levels

What characterizes a Nocturne as a musical composition?

It is thought evocative of the night and contains romantic and dream-like traits

What distinguishes the Landler from the traditional Waltz dance?

The Landler is danced by couples arm to arm and belly to belly

In what way do Etudes differ from Dances in piano music?

Etudes focus on technical challenges for performers, while Dances are stylized performance pieces

What makes the piano an ideal instrument for romantic composers according to the text?

Its ability to demonstrate progressions between loud and soft dynamic levels

Explore the features and characteristics of music from the Romantic period, including large ensembles, extreme emotions, and elaborate orchestrations. Learn about the musicological aspects, composers, and the transition from Classical to Romantic styles.

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