Motor Unit Fibers Overview

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What type of fibers are predominant in the drumstick of a chicken or turkey?

Slow twitch fibers

What acts as the regulatory subunit for myosin light chain kinase in muscle cells?


What type of enzyme is myosin light chain kinase?

Kinase enzyme

What is the role of myosin light chain phosphorylation in muscle contraction?

Promotes cross-bridge cycling

What do all kinases have in common in terms of their enzymatic activity?

Add phosphate groups to proteins

Where are the thin filaments attached in muscle cells that lack Z-lines?

Dense bodies

What type of muscle fibers are most fuel-efficient and tend to be weaker?

Slow-oxidative fibers

Which type of muscle fibers are important for power and endurance, suitable for mile track runners?

Fast-oxidative fibers

What is the main function of creatine phosphate in muscle cells?

Energy storage

Which process results in a lower ATP yield but is faster and anaerobic?


What is the function of myoglobin in muscle cells?

Oxygen binding and transportation

Which type of muscle fibers are the most powerful but the least efficient in fuel utilization?

Fast-glycolytic fibers

What is the term used to describe the rigid cross-linking of thick filaments to thin filaments in muscles?

Rigor associated with death

What initiates the binding step in muscle contraction that is calcium dependent?

ATP presence

What causes the displacement of the Myosin head during muscle contraction?

Spontaneous conformational change

Which process re-energizes the Myosin head during muscle contraction?


In muscle cells, what triggers the activation of contraction in response to neuromuscular transmission?

Acetylcholine release

What event causes an excitatory end-plate potential leading to an action potential in the muscle membrane?

Release of acetylcholine

Learn about the three types of motor units fibers: slow-oxidative, fast-oxidative/intermediate, and fast-glycolytic. Understand their characteristics in terms of strength, fuel efficiency, ATP usage, and fatigue resistance. Explore their role in different types of physical activities.

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