Motility in Clinical Bacteriology Quiz

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Which test can help assess motility through the use of a semi solid medium?

Hanging drop preparation

What is the reagent used in the Microdase or Modified Oxidase test?

6% Tetramethyl paraphenyl diamine dihydrochloride with dimethyl sulfoxide

Which organism exhibits 'DARTING MOTILITY'?

Campylobacter sp

What is the agar concentration in motility test media like SIM or MIO medium?

0.4% or less

At what temperature are two motility tubes often incubated to assess motility?

Room temperature and 35°C

Test your knowledge of clinical bacteriology and biochemical tests related to motility with this quiz. Topics include microscopic examination, observation of growth in semi-solid medium, and the use of motility test media. Perfect for medical and laboratory students.

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