Moral Dilemmas

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What are some factors that can cause a moral dilemma for an individual?

Peer pressure, personal financial position, and economic and social status

Which of the following is NOT one of the three levels of moral dilemma discussed in the module?


In decision-making, what is the most challenging part for an individual?

Making the final decision

What does the first picture on the left side of the sample photos exemplify?

A moral dilemma

What does the module aim to highlight in the three levels of moral dilemma?

Common ethical issues in organizations

Study Notes

Factors Causing Moral Dilemma

  • Multiple factors can contribute to an individual experiencing a moral dilemma
  • These factors can lead to conflicting values, principles, and obligations, making decision-making challenging

Levels of Moral Dilemma

  • There are three levels of moral dilemma discussed in the module
  • The three levels are not specified, but an incorrect option is not provided (implying a multiple-choice question)

Decision-Making Challenges

  • The most challenging part of decision-making for an individual is not specified

Moral Dilemma Illustration

  • The first picture on the left side of the sample photos exemplifies a moral dilemma scenario
  • The context of the picture is not provided, but it serves as an illustration of a moral dilemma

Module Objectives

  • The module aims to highlight the complexities and nuances of moral dilemmas
  • The module focuses on the three levels of moral dilemma, emphasizing the importance of understanding and navigating these challenges

Test your knowledge on moral dilemmas and their different levels - individual, organizational, and structural. Explore common ethical issues in organizations and understand the factors individuals face when dealing with moral dilemmas.

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