Module 3: Agglutination

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What is the purpose of the Coagglutination system using Staphylococcus aureus?

To identify streptococci bacteria

What is the role of protein A in the Coagglutination reaction?

It adsorbs the FC portion of antibody molecules

Which test is known as the Coombs' test according to the text?

Antiglobulin-Mediated Agglutination

In which condition does the Direct Antiglobulin Test serve as an indicator?

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia

What may cause sources of error in antiglobulin testing according to the text?

Using expired reagents

What is the main characteristic of agglutination?

Clumping of particles due to specific antibody combination

What did Gruber and Durham report in 1896?

Observations of agglutination of bacterial cells by serum

Which factor influences lattice formation in agglutination reactions?

Environmental conditions and relative concentrations of antigen and antibody

What enhance the process of lattice formation in agglutination reactions?

Decreasing buffer's ionic strength

What is the purpose of passive agglutination in laboratory tests?

To coat particles with antigens not normally found on their surfaces

Learn about agglutination, the visible aggregation of particles caused by combination with specific antibody. Explore agglutinins and the types of particles participating in these reactions like erythrocytes, bacterial cells, and inert carriers such as latex particles.

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