Modern Devices: How a Computer Works

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What part of the computer is responsible for processing input, storing data, and outputting results?

Processor (CPU)

Which devices help convert entered data into binary form (series of 0s and 1s) for the computer to understand?

Input devices

What is the function of the output in a computer system?

Displaying text, images, videos, etc.

Which device is the primary source of internet access in a smart phone?

Internet Access

What is the main function of the operating system in a smart phone?

Running downloaded apps

Where does the CPU store the information and data it receives from memory?


What is a primary function of a smart watch?

Biometrics support

What is a key feature of smart lights?

Syncing to music and movies

Which of the following is a characteristic of a digital personal assistant?

Can be controlled by voice

What does a pedometer primarily track?


What is a key feature of a smart thermostat?

Automatically adjusts heating and cooling temperature settings

What is a common use of a digital personal assistant?

Replies to voice commands for weather forecast and time

Which function is typically associated with a smartphone?

Making phone calls and sending texts

What is a primary capability of a smart watch?

Fitness and wellness services such as running health applications

Which is a feature commonly found in smart lights?

Controlling shades and brightness through a smartphone app

What is a primary function of a pedometer?

Tracks steps as you walk, jump, or dance

Test your knowledge about how a computer works, including its major parts like memory, input devices, processor, and output. Understand the role of input devices in converting data into binary form and the function of the processor as the brain of the computer.

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