Mistakes in Compass Traverse Work

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Which mistake in compass work involves interchanging the recording of azimuths from north and south?

Interchanging magnetic and true bearings

In compass traverse, what does the latitude of a line indicate?

Positive if direction is North, negative if South

What does the departure of a line indicate in surveying?

Positive if direction is West, negative if East

Which statement best describes the bearing of a line in compass work?

Determines the direction based on latitude and departure

What is a common mistake when selecting a line for referencing arbitrary directions?

Difficulty in locating the line later

What would happen if traverse angles are not adjusted before calculating bearing or azimuths?

Results in incorrect bearing calculations

What is the purpose of applying corrections in a compass traverse?

To adjust for inaccuracies and improve the accuracy of latitude and departure calculations

In surveying, what does the adjusted latitude signify?

The corrected north-south component of a line

What does an adjusted departure value in a compass traverse refer to?

The corrected east-west component of a line

How does a negative sign impact the latitude or departure values in a compass traverse?

It reverses their direction

What is the significance of the sum of latitudes and departures equating to zero in a traverse?

It indicates closure and ensures the accuracy of the traverse calculations

What does 'bearing of a line' refer to in surveying?

The direction of a line relative to North, often measured clockwise from North

What should be done if none of the lines in a traverse appears to be unaffected by local attraction?

Pick the line with the least discrepancy between forward and back bearings.

Which of the following is a mistake in compass work?

Observing the reverse bearings or azimuths of lines in the traverse.

What can cause errors in reading the magnetic needle during compass work?

Local attraction.

When taking a bearing near the cardinal points of the compass, what may lead to misreading the quadrant letters?

Failing to change bearing letters.

What is an important aspect when adjusting traverse angles?

Considering latitude and departure.

In compass traverse work, what should be done if the forward and back bearings of a line show a significant discrepancy?

Choose the line that has the smallest discrepancy.

Learn about common errors in compass traverse work such as failing to adjust observed traverse angles, mixing recording of azimuths, and selecting difficult-to-locate reference lines. This quiz covers fundamental surveying concepts related to compass traverses.

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