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What is the energy content of 100ml of whole standardized milk (3.5% milk fat)?

68 calories

What is the percentage of carbohydrate in milk?


What enzyme is responsible for breaking the bond of lactose in the small intestine?


What percentage of fat does milk contain approximately?


What percentage of water does milk contain approximately?


What is the calorie content of 100ml of skimmed milk (0.3% milk fat)?

35 calories

What is the approximate percentage of whey proteins in milk?


Which vitamin is dissolved within the milk fat fraction and is present in higher levels in whole milk compared to semi-skimmed and skimmed milks?

Vitamin A

Which essential fatty acids are present in small amounts in milk fat?

Linoleic and linolenic

Which water-soluble vitamin present in milk is particularly rich in vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12

Which mineral is found in milk and is essential for correct blood clotting, although it may be found in small amounts in cheese?

Vitamin K

What is the approximate percentage of casein-based proteins in milk?


Which vitamin plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and is essential for healthy bones and teeth?

Vitamin D

Which vitamin is naturally found in low levels within milk, providing about 0.04mg per 200ml serving of semi-skimmed milk?

Vitamin E

Which group constitutes approximately 3.5% of the weight of milk?


Which polyunsaturated fatty acid is an important trans fatty acid present in milk fat?

CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) (18:2)

Test your knowledge on the composition and nutritive value of milk, including its energy content, calorie variations based on fat content, and water percentage.

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