Microprocessor-based Personal Computer Systems

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What is the maximum extended memory in a 80486 80386DX microprocessor?

4095M bytes

Which type of machines feature the addition of the PCI bus?

ATX class machines

What is a common feature of VESA local (VL) bus?

Operates at a clocking speed faster than the microprocessor

Which microprocessor is known to have a memory map of up to 64G?


What is the expected speed for serial ATA standard in the future?

450M bytes per second

What is the bus speed specifically designed for the PCI bus?

33 MHz

Which machine typically uses a larger memory map according to the text?


What does the transient program area (TPA) hold?

DOS operating system

Which type of bus do PCI Express video cards operate on?

PCI Express bus

How much memory does the transient program area (TPA) have?

640K bytes

What does the DOS memory map show?

Areas of TPA used for system programs, data, and drivers

Which Intel processors are mentioned in the text?

Core2 processors

Which part of the main memory system is often referred to as the real or conventional memory system?


What determines the existence of an extended memory system in a main memory system?

Type of microprocessor present

Which microprocessor was designed to function in the first 1M byte of memory using real mode operation?


What do the Intel microprocessors from 80286 through Core2 contain in terms of memory?

TPA and system area

What are PS/1 and PS/2 by IBM examples of?

Versions of basic memory design

What is another name for PS/2 micro-channel architecture or ISA system depending on the model number?


Which component is responsible for carrying the same type of information in a computer system?


What technology revolutionized the size and computing power of computers?


Which Intel processor is not mentioned in the text?


What is the main function of a microprocessor in a computer system?

Process Information

In the block diagram of a microprocessor-based computer system, what do the interconnected blocks represent?

Processing Units

What key feature do the Intel processors 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, and 80486 have in common?

64-bit Extensions

What type of programs are stored in the IO.SYS file?

Device drivers

Which extension is typically used for DOS drivers?


What is the purpose of the TPA (Transient Program Area)?

To temporarily store programs that can be changed

What do installable drivers control or drive in a computer system?

Added devices or programs

Which file typically links DOS to the system BIOS ROM programs?


Which of the following is NOT a function of drivers in relation to I/O devices?

Manage networking connections

Learn about the evolution of computers from large machines to compact desktop systems powered by microprocessors like Intel 8086/8088, 80286, Pentium series, and Core2. Understand the architecture, programming, and interfacing of these processors.

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