Microbiology 101: Introduction to Microorganisms

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What was the significant contribution of Robert Hooke in the field of microbiology?

He discovered that living things are composed of cells

What is the term for the hypothesis that living cells arise only from preexisting living cells?


Who is credited with the first observation of microorganisms?

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

What was the name given by Anton van Leeuwenhoek to the microorganisms he observed?


What is the opposite hypothesis of biogenesis?

Spontaneous generation

In what year did Robert Hooke report that living things are composed of cells?


Which branch of microbiology is concerned with the study of fungi?


What is the term for the study of protozoa and parasitic worms?


Who discovered the cause of mosaic disease of tobacco to be a virus?

Both A and B

What is the term for the use of microorganisms to clean up pollutants?


Which of the following diseases is an example of an emerging infectious disease?

Both A and B

What is the term for microorganisms that are pathogenic to insects and are used as alternatives to chemical pesticides?

Insect pest control by microorganisms

What was the accidental discovery made by Alexander Fleming in 1928?

Discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin

What percentage of bacteria are pathogenic?


What is an example of a product used in manufacturing produced by microorganisms?


What is one of the ways microorganisms contribute to our lives?

Decomposing organic waste

What is a benefit of understanding microorganisms?

Preventing food spoilage and disease

What is an example of a fermented food produced by microorganisms?


Get started with microbiology! Test your knowledge of microorganisms, their benefits and drawbacks. Learn about the different types of microorganisms and their impact on our world.

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