Mendel's Experiment on Tall and Short Plants

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What is the name of the parental generation in this plant breeding experiment?


What was the result of allowing self-pollination within the F1 generation?

All plants were tall

What was the tall to short plant ratio in the F2 generation?


What was the purpose of depositing pollens of tall plants on stigma of short plants, and vice versa?

To perform cross-pollination

Study Notes

Parental Generation

  • The parental generation is referred to as the P generation.

F1 Generation

  • Allowing self-pollination within the F1 generation produces an F2 generation.

F2 Generation

  • The tall to short plant ratio in the F2 generation is 3:1.


  • Depositing pollens of tall plants on the stigma of short plants, and vice versa, is done to cross-pollinate the plants and observe the traits of the offspring.

Test your knowledge of Mendel's experiment on tall and short plants, including the procedures and generations involved in the study of inherited traits.

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