Medieval Urban Development Quiz
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Medieval Urban Development Quiz

Test your knowledge of medieval urban development with this quiz. Explore the impact of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the revival of commerce and crafts, and the rise of new urban centers during this period. See how well you understand the dynamics of medieval urban geography and the role of rural settlements and burgus in shaping the urban landscape.

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What played a significant role in the medieval urban geography?

Rural settlements and burgus

What was a common feature of the medieval city's urban structure?

The church being above the market square

What caused the unsuitability of some medieval city sites in Central Italy?

Lack of accessibility to roads, railways, and highways

What supported the restart of development in cities early in the second millennium?

<p>Revival of commerce, activities, and crafts</p> Signup and view all the answers

What frequently contrasted with the town hall in the medieval city's urban structure?

<p>The market square</p> Signup and view all the answers

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