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According to John Rawls' veil of ignorance concept, what is the aim when making decisions?

Developing a fair social contract impartially

What does Aristotle's golden mean philosophy emphasize?

Moderation as the key to ethical decision-making

What is the focus of Immanuel Kant's ethical system?

Examining one's conscience and acting according to universal rules

What are the three types of philosophies used to determine actions in ethical dilemmas?

Absolution, pragmatist, and consequential theories

What principle is associated with Judeo-Christian ethics, emphasizing the value of human beings and the importance of not treating people as a means to an end?

The principle of self-determination

What do consequential theories judge actions by, justifying them as morally right if they result in positive outcomes?

Their outcomes

What are the recommended ethical standards for journalists?

Be fair, honest, and courageous when reporting news, treat sources and colleagues with respect, be free of obligation to any interest other than the public's right to know, and be obligated to your audience and to each other to other journalists

What organization sets the rules for the advertising industry?

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

What is the voluntary movie rating system adopted by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)?

The current movie rating system in effect today

What did the competition with television and a tough moral code throughout the nation lead to in the 1950s?

A more relaxed voluntary movie rating system

Study Notes

Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Decision-Making in Media

  • Conflicts of interest can arise in media when loyalties to personal beliefs, employers, and society clash.
  • Journalists and filmmakers may struggle to achieve complete impartiality due to personal biases and the need to present both sides of a story.
  • Accepting gifts, freebies, or bribes can compromise the ethical integrity of journalists and public relations professionals.
  • Practices like payola in the radio industry and plagiarism are examples of conflicts of interest in media.
  • Economic influences and commercial pressures can significantly impact media content, especially during economic downturns.
  • Pressure groups, boycotts, bad publicity, and legal pressures can exert economic influence on the media.
  • Press councils serve as independent agencies that monitor the performance of the media on a day-to-day basis.
  • Ethical decision-making in media can be guided by problem-solving processes, such as the "solve it" acronym and the Potter Box model.
  • The "solve it" acronym provides a structured approach to solving ethical dilemmas, ensuring consideration of all alternatives.
  • The Potter Box model, developed by Ralph Potter, involves defining the problem, determining core values, applying ethical principles, and considering loyalties before making a judgment.
  • Swedish philosopher Cecilia Bach advocates for empathy and maintaining social trust in ethical decision-making, emphasizing the importance of cultural values and knowledge.
  • Ethical decision-making involves consulting one's conscience, holding an imaginary ethical dialogue with all involved parties, and choosing a course of action that aligns with core values and is acceptable to everyone involved.

Test your knowledge on conflicts of interest and ethical decision-making in media with this quiz. Explore the challenges journalists and filmmakers face in maintaining impartiality, the impact of economic influences on media content, and the ethical frameworks guiding decision-making. Delve into the "solve it" acronym, the Potter Box model, and the insights of philosopher Cecilia Bach on ethical dilemmas in media.

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