Measuring Unemployment

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What is the minimum age required for a household member to be included in the BLS survey of household work activity?

16 years

What is the minimum number of hours a household member needs to work without pay in a family enterprise to be classified as employed?

15 hours

Which of the following is NOT considered a reason for temporary absence from a job according to the BLS survey?

Job loss

What is the definition of 'not in the labor force' according to the BLS survey?

A person who is not looking for work because they do not want a job or have given up looking

What is the formula for calculating the labor force participation rate according to the BLS survey?

labor force / employed

Test your knowledge on measuring unemployment with this informative quiz. Learn about the survey methods used by the BLS and understand how the unemployment rate is calculated. Explore the factors that impact unemployment and gain a deeper understanding of this important economic indicator. Perfect for students, economists, and anyone interested in understanding the job market.

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