Measurement Error in Analytical Instruments

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What is the primary purpose of calibration?

To ensure the accuracy of the measurement instrument

What is the primary purpose of standardization?

To ensure the accuracy of the measurement instrument

What is a common source of sampling error that can lead to significant errors?

Contamination of samples during or after their collection

What is the main purpose of validation in analytical procedures?

To ensure the accuracy of the procedure

Which measure of central tendency is the middle value when data are ordered from smallest to largest?


What is one advantage of using the median over the mean as a measure of central tendency?

The median is less affected by outliers

What is the definition of precision in measurements?

A measure of the spread of data about a central value

Which type of error is a determinate error whose value depends on the amount of sample analyzed?

Proportional determinate error

What is reproducibility defined as in terms of precision?

Precision obtained under any other set of conditions

Which type of error causes some measurements or results to be too high while others are too low?

Intermediate error

What does repeatability refer to in the context of precision?

Precision obtained when all measurements are made by the same analyst, using the same solutions and equipment

How can the effect of indeterminate error be minimized?

By knowing the sources and relative magnitudes of the error

What is the primary cause of measurement error?

Limitations in the equipment and instruments used

How do manufacturers typically report measurement error for their equipment?

As a range within which the true value lies

Which of the following is an example of a personal error?

Consistently overestimating or underestimating instrument readings

What is the main challenge in identifying determinate errors?

Lack of knowledge about the true value of the analysis

Which of the following is NOT listed as an example of personal error in the text?

Using an analytical instrument with a known error range

What is the purpose of providing a tolerance or error range for analytical equipment?

To indicate the maximum possible error in the measurement

Explore the concept of measurement error in analytical instruments, such as glassware and balances, due to limitations in equipment. Learn about how manufacturers provide information on maximum measurement error or tolerance. Discover examples like a 25-ml volumetric flask with a maximum error of ±0.03 ml.

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