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According to Function ______ducational test determine whether students have learn what they expected to learning progress measure effectiveness of programs Psychological test Assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of students B. According to mode of response 1. Oral test- Answers are spoken,it minimizes cheating 2. Written test- Provide answer to question (ex. Multiple choice, matching types) 3. Performance assessment - demonstrate skills of learning C. According to ease of quantification of response 1. Objective - have one answer 2. Subjective -


Match the following tools with their primary usage:

Oral presentation = Verbal demonstration of knowledge Written reports = Documenting information in written form Portfolio = Collection of student work samples Rubrics = Scoring guide for assessing performance

Match the following types of test with their primary purpose:

Educational test = Determining if students have learned expected material Learning progress measure = Assessing effectiveness of programs Psychological test = Assessing cognitive and emotional functioning of students Performance assessment = Demonstrating skills of learning

Match the following types of test with their mode of response:

Oral test = Answers are spoken, minimizing cheating Written test = Providing answers to questions (e.g. multiple choice) Performance assessment = Demonstrating skills of learning

Match the following types of test with their ease of quantification of response:

Objective = Having one answer Subjective = Allowing for varied answers

Study Notes

Measurement in Education

  • Measurement is a quantitative description that involves numbers, making it measurable and important for assessing learning.

Importance of Measurement

  • Measurement is crucial for determining how much learning has been acquired.
  • It provides tools to measure learning, such as oral presentations, written reports, portfolios, rubrics, and tests.


  • Testing is a systematic procedure for gathering information about student learning.
  • It is used to measure a construct or make a decision about student learning.
  • Testing measures learning progress and can be used to assess the effectiveness of programs.

Types of Tests

According to Function

  • Educational tests: determine whether students have learned what they were expected to learn, and measure learning progress.
  • Psychological tests: assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of students.

According to Mode of Response

  • Oral tests: answers are spoken, minimizing cheating.
  • Written tests: provide answers to questions, such as multiple-choice and matching types.
  • Performance assessments: demonstrate skills learned.

According to Ease of Quantification of Response

  • Objective tests: have one answer.
  • Subjective tests: have multiple possible answers.

Test your knowledge of measurement and quantitative assessment in education with this module 1 reviewer quiz. Explore the importance of measurement in gauging learning progress and the tools and systematic procedures used for testing and assessment.

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