Matter and Temperature: Observations and Conclusions

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What are the three different states of matter as mentioned in the text?

Solid, liquid, gas

In the solid state of matter, what happens when excessive force is applied?

It breaks

Are all solids capable of diffusing into each other as per the text?


What happens to air when a sponge with minute holes is pressed as described in the text?

It gets expelled out

Do all solids have negligible compressibility according to the text?


Which property distinguishes liquids from solids according to the text?

Definite volume

What are some common characteristics of all the collected articles like a pen, book, needle, and wooden stick?

Solid state

Explore the observations made by allowing crystals to settle in a glass, how particles behave over time, and how temperature affects particle movement. Discover the relationship between kinetic energy and temperature through this scientific exploration.

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