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Test your knowledge of Matilda, the beloved novel by Roald Dahl, with this quiz! Explore the extraordinary journey of the intelligent and resilient protagonist as she navigates neglectful parents, discovers friendship, and finds a home with her teacher Miss Honey. How well do you know Matilda's captivating story? Find out now!

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What is Mr. Wormwood's reaction when Matilda asks for a book?

Mr. Wormwood responds unsupportively and questions why she wants a book instead of watching television.

How does Mr. Wormwood feel about Matilda staying with Miss Honey?

By the end of the novel, Mr. Wormwood is fine with Matilda staying with Miss Honey.

What is Mrs. Wormwood's opinion on education?

Mrs. Wormwood does not have much interest in education.

What does Mrs. Wormwood believe is more important than books?

<p>Mrs. Wormwood believes that looks are more important than books.</p> Signup and view all the answers

How does Mrs. Wormwood view Miss Honey's profession?

<p>Mrs. Wormwood views Miss Honey's profession as slaving away teaching a lot of nasty little children the ABC.</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Matilda's Life

  • Matilda is a 5-year-old girl who experiences neglect from her parents and discovers a new world of friends in school.
  • She finds a home with her teacher Miss Honey after her parents voluntarily leave her behind.

Matilda's Intelligence

  • Matilda's high intelligence is revealed early in the book, despite her parents' lack of awareness and care.
  • She is described as having a "nimble mind" and being "quick to learn", making her intelligence obvious even to the most unaware parents.

Matilda's Insights

  • Matilda explains to her friend Lavender why Miss Trunchbull can get away with treating children terribly, highlighting the importance of being outrageous and unbelievable in one's actions.

Harry Wormwood (Matilda's Father)

  • Harry Wormwood is a dishonest man who feels no guilt for cheating customers to sell cars, believing that "no one ever got rich being honest".
  • He has no interest in Matilda's education or well-being, and would rather "flick her away" into the next county or further.
  • When Matilda expresses interest in reading, he responds unsupportively, prioritizing TV over books.

Zinnia Wormwood (Matilda's Mother)

  • Zinnia Wormwood is uninterested in education, believing that a girl's priority should be her physical appearance to attract a good husband.
  • She values material possessions and social status over education, as seen in her comparison with Miss Honey.
  • She is more concerned with her own lifestyle and appearances than with her daughter's well-being or education.

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