Matilda by Roald Dahl: Chapter 1

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What did Matilda's father do with the parrot?

He took it out of the house through the back door

What did Matilda and the others do when they entered the dining room?

They waved their weapons

What did Matilda's mother do when she heard the voice?

She shrieked loudly

What did Matilda long for?

To have better parents

What did Fred ask Matilda about the parrot?

If it behaved itself

What did the voice say the last time it was heard?

Rattle my bones

What is the reason Matilda's family fled from the room?

Because they heard a strange noise saying 'Rattle my bones'.

What is the one power Matilda has over her family?


What does Matilda have to do on weekday afternoons?

Stay alone

Why does Matilda have to eat her meals from TV-dinner-trays?

Because she is forced to by her family

What is the result of Matilda's new game of punishing her family?

Her life becomes more bearable

What is the age of Matilda in the story?

5 years old

Test your knowledge of the first chapter of Roald Dahl's beloved novel Matilda. From Mr. Wormwood to the Trunchbull, see how well you remember the characters and events that set the story in motion.

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