Math Functions and Ordered Pairs Quiz

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Which type of function is represented by $f(x) = (x + 1)^3 - (x - 1)^3$?


What is the point of intersection of the equations $3x - y = 4$ and $x + y = 8$?

(3, 5)

If the ordered pairs $(a + 2, 4)$ and $(5, 2a + b)$ are equal, what are the values of a and b?

(2, 3)

If {(a,8),(6,b)} represents an identity function, what are the values of a and b?

(6, 6)

What is the sum of the exponents of the prime factors in the prime factorization of 1729?


Test your knowledge of math functions and ordered pairs with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as identifying function types, finding points of intersection, and solving for ordered pairs.

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