Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates Quiz

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What does the Infant Mortality Rate measure?

Risk of dying during the first year of life

Which of the following is a cause of Infant Mortality Rate?

Congenital pneumonia

What does the Fetal Death Rate measure?

Pregnancy wastage

What is the implication of a normal result of OCT?

Pregnancy continues; normal result may require weekly tests

When is chorionic villus sampling (CVS) usually preferred over amniocentesis or percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling?

Before 15 weeks' gestation

What is the purpose of chorionic villus sampling (CVS)?

To test for chromosomal or genetic disorders in the fetus

What preparation might be necessary for chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and how should the patient prepare?

Drinking plenty of fluids and signing a consent form

What is the purpose of using ultrasonography in early pregnancy?

To detect the fetus's viability, growth, and abnormalities

What should the mother do to prepare for an ultrasonography procedure?

Drink one quart of water 2 hours before the procedure

What does ultrasonography detect in high-risk pregnancy procedures like amniocentesis?

Placental location and abnormalities

Test your knowledge on calculating maternal mortality rate (MMR) and understanding the causes of maternal and infant mortality. Explore the factors contributing to MMR and learn about measuring infant mortality rate (IMR).

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