Mastering Key Essay Writing Phrases

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Introducing & Addition: Firstly, ______… On the one hand… In addition… What is more…


Examples: For ______… For instance… As a case in point…


Contrasting: In ______… On the other hand… Alternatively… However…


Conclusion: All things considered… As far as I’m ______… In light of the above…


Which phrase is commonly used to introduce examples?

For example

Which phrase is commonly used to introduce contrasting ideas?

On the other hand

Which phrase is commonly used to introduce additional information?

In addition

Which phrase is commonly used to conclude an essay?

As far as I'm concerned

"Enhance Your Essay Writing Skills: Learn Key Phrases for Coherent Flow" Improve your essay writing by mastering key phrases that provide coherence and structure. This quiz will test your knowledge of introductory phrases, addition phrases, and linking expressions to help your essays flow seamlessly. Get ready to elevate your writing to a more semi-formal and sophisticated level.

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