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Which of the following is true about corporate finance?

Every decision made in a business has financial implications

What are assets in the context of corporate finance?

Investments made by a business

How are assets categorized in accounting statements?

Fixed assets and current assets

Where can a firm obtain its capital to finance its assets?

From investors or financial institutions

What is the purpose of returning cash to the owners in corporate finance?

To provide a return on investment when there are no good investment opportunities

Study Notes

Corporate Finance Overview

  • Corporate finance deals with the management of a corporation's money and other valuable resources.

Assets in Corporate Finance

  • Assets are resources owned or controlled by a firm to generate future economic benefits.
  • Examples of assets include cash, inventory, property, equipment, and investments.

Asset Categorization

  • Assets are categorized into two main types: current and non-current assets.
  • Current assets are expected to be converted into cash or used up within one year or less.
  • Non-current assets, also known as long-term assets, have a useful life of more than one year.

Sources of Capital

  • A firm can obtain capital to finance its assets through two main sources: debt and equity.
  • Debt financing involves borrowing money from external sources, such as banks or bondholders.
  • Equity financing involves raising capital from internal sources, such as owners or shareholders.

Returning Cash to Owners

  • The purpose of returning cash to owners is to distribute the firm's profits or surplus cash to its shareholders.
  • This can be done through dividend payments or share repurchases.

Test your knowledge of corporate finance principles and decision-making with this quiz. Explore the financial implications of business decisions and learn how to effectively manage money in both large corporations and small businesses. Put your skills to the test and see how well you understand the fundamentals of corporate finance.

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