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Which disease primarily affects Equidae?

African horse sickness

Which disease affects Bovidae, Camelidae, Cervidae, Giraffidae, and Hippopotamidae?

Brucella abortus

Which disease affects Aves?

Avian influenza

Which disease affects Suidae and Tayassuidae?

Classical swine fever

Which organization is responsible for re-licensing zoos every two years?


Which legislation is the over-arching EU legislation for zoos?

Balai EEC 92/65 Directive

What is the purpose of the Balai 'approved' status for zoos?

To provide high health herd status

What is the minimum duration of quarantine for animals entering a Balai approved collection?

30 days

Which of the following diseases is commonly associated with immune suppression and neoplasia, usually lymphoma?

Feline leukaemia virus

Which of the following diseases is characterized by upper respiratory disease and mortalities in Pallas cats?

Feline herpesvirus

Which of the following diseases is commonly associated with vomiting, stomach ulcers, and neoplasia?


Which of the following diseases is commonly associated with malabsorption/maldigestion syndrome in Canidae, Felidae, and Mustelidae?

Proliferative ileitis

Which disease is a common cause of mortality in young elephants worldwide?

Dental disease

Which disease is associated with under-running soles, cracked and hang nails, bruising, and infected feet in elephants?

Foot disease

Which disease is caused by Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in elephants?


Which disease is characterized by slow healing, pachyderms, and sinus tract formation in elephants?

Skin wounds

Which disease predominantly affects koalas and is characterized by respiratory signs such as pneumonia, depression, jaw swelling, neurological and skin lesions?


Which disease is caused by the bacteria Fusobacterium and results in swelling of the jaw bone, osteomyelitis, and dental loss in macropods?

Lumpy jaw

Which disease is characterized by hip dysplasia and metabolic bone issues commonly reported in koalas and can affect any marsupial?

Metabolic bone disease

Which disease is caused by the parasite Trichostrongylus spp. and may cause diarrhea and weight loss in macropods?

Parasitic gastroenteritis

Test your knowledge on marsupial diseases and their clinical signs, including capillariasis, chlamydiosis, and clostridiosis. Learn about the symptoms that affect species like macropods, possums, and koalas.

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