Male Reproductive System Overview

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What is the function of the fallopian tubes?

To serve as pathways for the egg to travel from the ovaries to the uterus

During which phase of the menstrual cycle does ovulation occur?

Follicular phase

What is the main function of the ovaries in the female reproductive system?

To release matured egg cells

Which organ holds the fetus during pregnancy?


What hormone causes the ovary to release the matured egg cell?

Luteinizing hormone (LH)

What is the function of the scrotum in the male reproductive system?

Protect and hold the testicles

Which part of the male reproductive system is responsible for making testosterone?


What is the function of the urethra in the male reproductive system?

Carry urine from the bladder outside of the body

Which part of the penis attaches to the wall of the abdomen?


What are the three internal chambers that make up the body of the penis called?

Root, body or shaft, glans

This quiz covers the functions and anatomy of the male reproductive system, including sperm and semen production, ejaculation, and hormone secretion. Learn about the structure of the penis and its role in depositing sperm into the female reproductive tract.

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