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The Life of Malcolm X

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What was the initial career goal of Malcolm X?

Becoming a lawyer

What did Malcolm X's father do for a living?

As a minister

What finally caused Malcolm X to go to prison?


Where did Malcolm X rediscover his love for learning?

At the Norfolk Prison Colony

What subject did Malcolm X become particularly interested in while in prison?

History of Africa

How did Malcolm X feel about his time in prison?

He felt free and truly happy

What was Malcolm X's original surname before he joined the Nation of Islam?


Who was the leader of the Nation of Islam during Malcolm X's time as a member?

Elijah Muhammad

What was the significant event that led Malcolm X to change his views from hatred for white people to brotherhood of men?

His pilgrimage to Mecca

What was Malcolm X's role in the Nation of Islam?

Full-time Minister

Where did Malcolm X found the Muslim Mosque, Inc?

New York City

What prompted Malcolm X to embark on the Hajj (traditional pilgrimage for Muslims) to Mecca?

To educate himself about orthodox Islam

What did Malcolm X learn about himself during his pilgrimage to Mecca?

He had little knowledge of Islamic prayer postures

What caused Malcolm X to terminate his relationship with the Nation of Islam?

His realization about Elijah Muhammad's true nature

How did Malcolm X's education during his pilgrimage contribute towards his views on social justice?

It humbled him and contributed towards more tempered views on social justice goals

Test your knowledge about the life of Malcolm X, from his childhood to his experiences on the streets. Learn about his aspirations, challenges, and the influential figures in his life.

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