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Which legal system was in place during the Malacca Sultanate?

Islamic law

What is the function of public international law?

Regulating relations between sovereign states

What does the rule of law entail?

Government and individuals being accountable under the law

Which legal system was received in the Malay Peninsular during the Portuguese administration?

Roman-Dutch law

What does private international law primarily deal with?

Cross-border legal disputes

What marked the beginning of the statutory introduction and reception of English law in the Straits Settlements?

The First Royal Charter of Justice 1807

What jurisdiction did the 'Court of Judicature of Prince of Wales' Island' have?

Civil, criminal, and religious matters

Which Royal Charter had the effect of introducing English law to Penang as it existed in England on 25 March 1807?

The First Royal Charter of Justice 1807

Which case significantly affected the decisions of cases following the establishment of the 'Court of Judicature of Prince of Wales' Island'?

Kamoo v Thomas Turner Bassett (1808) 1 Ky 1

In what year was the Third Royal Charter of Justice issued?


Test your knowledge of the history and development of the legal system in Malaysia with this quiz. Explore the laws before the reception of English law, legal systems for the native indigenous, and the administration by Portuguese during the Malacca Sultanate. Delve into the reception of English law in the Malay Peninsular, Straits Settlement, and Borneo. Learn about the functions, classifications, and the rule of law in this comprehensive quiz.

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