Malaysian History

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What were the three main types of healing mentioned in the early Malay literature?

Using plants and herbs, using symbols and amulets, using Quranic verses

During which period did the Portuguese conquer Malacca?


When did Malaysia gain independence?


Which traditional medicine practitioner was prevalent in the early history of Malaysia?


What was included in the Kitab Tibb, an early Malay literature?

Information about plants, herbs, spices, dietary restrictions, and taboos

During which period did the Dutch conquer Malacca?


When did British influence in Malay states end?


What is the meaning of 'pantang larang' mentioned in the text?

Dietary restrictions and taboos

What was the early influence of Chinese, Indian & Arab traders in Malaysia?

Hindu-Buddhist period

When did Malaysia include Singapore, Sabah, and Sarawak?


Study Notes

Early Malay Healthcare

  • Three main types of healing mentioned in early Malay literature: spiritual healing, traditional herbal medicine, and mystical healing

Malaysian History

  • Portuguese conquest of Malacca: 1511
  • Malaysia gained independence: 1957
  • Dutch conquest of Malacca: 1641
  • British influence in Malay states ended: 1957
  • Malaysia included Singapore, Sabah, and Sarawak: 1963

Traditional Medicine

  • Prevalent traditional medicine practitioner in early Malaysian history: Bomoh

Early Malay Literature

  • Kitab Tibb: an early Malay literature that included Islamic medical knowledge and traditional Malay medicine

Cultural Practices

  • 'Pantang larang': a term that refers to traditional prohibitions or taboos in Malay culture

External Influences

  • Early influence of Chinese, Indian, and Arab traders in Malaysia: brought new medical knowledge and practices

Test your knowledge of Malaysian history with this quiz covering early influences of Chinese, Indian, and Arab traders, the rise of the Malacca Sultanate, and the impact of European colonial powers. From the Portuguese and Dutch conquests to British rule and the struggle for independence, see how well you know the historical timeline of Malaysia.

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