Natural Law and Ethics Quiz
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Natural Law and Ethics Quiz

Test your knowledge of natural law and ethics with this quiz covering Aristotle's beliefs, the discordance principle, and Tomás de Aquino's elaboration on the concept. Explore the universal nature of natural law and its connection to human rights.

Questions and Answers

¿Qué principio según Aristóteles determina la ley natural?

El principio de la discordancia

¿Qué tipo de derechos según Tomás de Aquino protege la ley natural?

Los derechos naturales

¿Qué cree Aristóteles sobre la ley natural?

Que es conocida a través de la razón

Study Notes

  • Aristotle believed in a God who created an order of things, which he called the "natural law".
  • This natural law is based on the discordance principle, which states that what is in opposition to each other is not legitimate.
  • This includes things like the morality of sacrificing animals, which is in opposition to the natural order of things that animals should not be killed for food.
  • Aristotle also believed that the natural law was knowable through reason alone, and that it is universal.
  • This means that it applies to everyone in the same way, regardless of their cultural background.
  • Tomás de Aquino elaborates on the meaning of "natural law" in the context of ethics, and argues that it is based on the principle of human nature.
  • He believes that the law should protect the individual's "natural rights", which are the things that are inherent to human nature and cannot be taken away.

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