Lymphocyte Development and Immune Response Quiz

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What distinguishes a naïve lymphocyte from an activated lymphocyte?

Naïve lymphocytes have not encountered an antigen yet.

Where do lymphocytes primarily concentrate, apart from circulating in the blood and lymph?

In secondary lymphoid organs

What is the function of germinal centers in the secondary lymphoid organs?

Sites of rapidly dividing and differentiating B lymphocytes

What distinguishes high endothelial venules in secondary lymphoid organs?

Thicker and more columnar lining cells than normal endothelial cells

Why are lymph nodes sometimes referred to as the 'filters of the lymph'?

Because they remove debris and pathogens from the lymph

How do bacteria that infect interstitial fluid reach regional lymph nodes?

Taken up by the lymphatic capillaries

What is the primary function of tonsils based on the text?

Helping children develop immunity to common environmental pathogens

Why are tonsils often removed in children with recurring throat infections?

When the swelling interferes with breathing and/or swallowing

Where is Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) found?

Underlying the mucosa of various body parts like the gastrointestinal tract

What distinguishes Peyer’s patches within the small intestine?

They contain specialized cells called M cells that sample material and induce immune responses

What can a blockage of the lumen in MALT trigger?

An inflammatory response leading to appendicitis

What is the role of specialized endothelial cells known as M cells present in Peyer’s patches?

Sampling material from the intestinal lumen for immune responses

What is the primary function of the spleen?

Filtering blood and mounting immune responses to blood-borne pathogens

Which cells are present in the subcapsular sinus of the lymph node as lymph enters?

Dendritic cells, macrophages, and reticular fibers

What surrounds the germinal centers of rapidly dividing B cells in lymphoid follicles?

T cells

What is the term used for lymph exiting the lymph node via specific vessels?

Efferent lymphatic vessels

What is the function of the red pulp in the spleen?

Filtration system of the blood using cells of the immune response

Where are lymphoid nodules primarily located in the body?

In the digestive and respiratory tracts

What is the role of tonsils in developing immunity?

Developing immunity to oral pathogens

Test your knowledge on the development and function of lymphocytes in primary and secondary lymphoid organs. Learn about the characteristics of naïve lymphocytes and their role in mounting immune responses. Explore the concentration of lymphocytes in secondary lymphoid organs such as lymph nodes, spleen, and lymphoid nodules.

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