Lower GI Tract Diseases: Obstruction

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Which condition involves the protrusion of a loop or knuckle of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening?


What is the most common cause of intestinal obstruction/necrosis in the small intestine?


What is the most common site for ileocolic intussusception in infants?


What condition involves twisting of a loop of bowel around its mesenteric point of attachment, leading to luminal and vascular compromise?


Which condition involves the invagination of a bowel segment constricted by peristalsis into a distal segment, forming a sheath around it and causing obstruction?


What is the most common side for ischemic large bowel disease in individuals over 70 years old?

Splenic flexure

What condition involves the accumulation of connective tissue (CT) and fibrin deposition, which can be minimized by careful handling of tissue during surgery?


What is the primary initial management for abdominal pain, distention, vomiting, constipation, and electrolyte disturbances associated with intestinal obstruction/necrosis?

"Conservative management"

"Ileocolic intussusception" is most common in which age group?

"Children younger than 2 years old"

"Ischemic bowel disease" typically involves severe atherosclerosis in which arteries?

Mesenteric arteries

What is the most common cause of postoperative adhesions in the United States?

A sequelae to abdominal inflammation

Test your knowledge of lower gastrointestinal tract diseases, focusing on intestinal obstruction and necrosis. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and initial management of obstruction in the small intestine.

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