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In which section of the Midterm Study Guide would you review 'Death Comes for the Archbishop' and 'The Boys in the Boat'?

Section 1: Summer Reading

Which section of the study guide includes a focus on 'The Scarlet Letter' and its basic plot information, recurring themes, and analysis of plot development and characterization?

Section 4: The Scarlet Letter

Which section of the study guide would be most relevant for understanding 'Cherokee War Song' and its key/recurring themes?

Section 3: Native American Literature

In which section of the study guide can you find a focus on understanding the perspectives on slavery and freedom of main characters like Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, and Huckleberry Finn?

Section 5: Olaudah Equiano/ Frederick Douglass/ Huckleberry Finn

Where in the study guide would you review 'Trickster Tale' and 'Powhatan Discourse on Peace and War'?

Section 3: Native American Literature

Prepare for your literary midterm with this 60-question multiple choice exam covering Summer Reading, literary elements, rhetorical and poetic devices, and recurring themes in the studied works.

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