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According to the given text, when can an advocate communicate with a judge or judicial officer?

Only in open court and upon the merits of a contested matter pending before the judge or judicial officer

What is the appropriate action for an advocate when a client offers the assistance of additional advocates?

Refer the matter to the determination of the client

What is considered indecent in the trial of a cause according to the text?

To allude to personal history or peculiarities of advocates on the other side

In what circumstances is division of fees with any person for legal services considered proper according to the given text?

It is considered proper if the division is based on the principle of division of work as expressed in the agreement between advocates

What is expected from junior and younger members towards senior and elder members at the Bar according to the given text?

They should be respectful and helpful to senior and elder members

According to clause 134, what is the duty of every Advocate?

To uphold the dignity and high standing of the profession

What is prohibited by clause 135 regarding solicitation of professional employment?

Soliciting professional employment by any means

According to clause 135, what type of information can be included in professional cards and directories?

Professional and academic qualifications

What is prohibited by clause 136 regarding solicitation or obtaining professional employment?

Employing unlicensed persons for solicitation

What is prohibited by clause 136 regarding compensation arising out of professional employment?

Accepting compensation offered to him as a result of an unlicensed person's activities

Test your knowledge of legal professional conduct with this quiz. Explore the rules and duties that advocates need to adhere to, including regulations related to soliciting professional employment.

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