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What is the primary goal of following the Leave No Trace Seven Principles?

To minimize the impact of recreational activities on the environment

When planning a trip to a national park, what should you do to minimize waste?

Repackage food to minimize waste

What type of surfaces are considered durable for camping and travel?

Maintained trails, rock, gravel, sand, and dry grasses

Why should you avoid camping near lakes and streams?

To protect riparian areas and preserve water quality

What should you do when walking on trails in popular areas?

Walk single file in the middle of the trail

What should you do when visiting pristine areas?

Disperse use to prevent the creation of campsites and trails

When camping, what is the recommended depth for digging cat holes for solid human waste?

6 to 8 inches deep

What should you do when encountering wildlife in the outdoors?

Observe them from a distance and do not approach them

Why should you avoid building structures or digging trenches in the outdoors?

Because it can cause lasting impacts to the environment

What should you do with toilet paper and hygiene products when camping?

Pack them out with you

Why should you avoid introducing or transporting non-native species in the outdoors?

Because they are not native to the area

What should you do with dishwater when washing dishes in the outdoors?

Scatter it after straining it

Test your knowledge of the Leave No Trace Principle, a set of guidelines for minimizing human impact on the environment while enjoying outdoor activities. Learn how to plan ahead, respect wildlife, and keep a clean campsite.

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