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What is the major difference between behavioral and contingency leadership theories?

Behavioral theories focus on the actions of leaders, while contingency theories consider the situation and its impact on leadership.

Which leadership model focuses on the impact of the situation on leadership effectiveness?

Contingency leadership model

What do the path-goal leadership model styles and variables focus on?

Focusing on how leaders motivate their followers to achieve goals

Which leadership models are classified as prescriptive and descriptive?

Normative and path-goal models are prescriptive; contingency and behavioral models are descriptive.

What do contingency leadership theory variables consider?

Situational factors and their impact on effective leadership

Study Notes

Leadership Theories

  • Behavioral and contingency leadership theories differ in that behavioral theories focus on the leader's behavior, while contingency theories focus on the situation and its impact on leadership effectiveness.

Contingency Leadership Theory

  • Contingency leadership theory focuses on the impact of the situation on leadership effectiveness.
  • This theory considers variables such as the leader's style, the followers' characteristics, and the situation or environment.

Path-Goal Leadership Model

  • The path-goal leadership model focuses on the leader's style and the followers' characteristics and needs.
  • The model's styles and variables focus on the leader's behavior and its impact on the followers' motivation and performance.

Classification of Leadership Models

  • Prescriptive models, such as the path-goal leadership model, provide guidance on how leaders should behave in different situations.
  • Descriptive models, such as the contingency leadership theory, describe how leaders actually behave in different situations.

Contingency Leadership Theory Variables

  • Contingency leadership theory variables include the leader's style, the followers' characteristics, and the situation or environment.
  • These variables interact with each other to determine the most effective leadership style for a given situation.

Test your knowledge of leadership theories with a focus on contingency and behavioral approaches. Explore the major differences between these theories and their contributions to effective leadership.

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