Lateral View of Temporal Bone Anatomy

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What is the arch of bone extending anteriorly from the squamous portion of the temporal bone called?

The zygomatic process

Where is the temporomandibular fossa located in relation to the external acoustic meatus (EAM)?

Just anterior to the EAM

What joint is formed by the mandible fitting into the temporomandibular fossa?

The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ)

What is the slender bony projection projecting inferior to the mandible and anterior to the external acoustic meatus called?

The styloid process

Which portion of the temporal bone is the most vulnerable to fracture?

The squamous portion

What is another name for the dense petrous portion of the temporal bone?

Petrous pyramid or pars petrosa

What is the portion of the temporal bone located posterior to the external acoustic meatus called?

Mastoid portion

What is the upper border or ridge of the petrous pyramids commonly called?

Petrous ridge or petrous apex

Where is the internal acoustic meatus located?

Near the center of the petrous pyramid on the posterior surface, just superior to the jugular foramen

What does the petrous portion of the temporal bone house internally?

Mastoid air cells

Which bone resides between the paired temporal bones?

Occipital bone

What external and internal landmarks correspond to the petrous pyramids?

Top of the ear attachment (TEA)

Learn about the complex structures and features of the right and left temporal bones, especially from a lateral view perspective. Explore the anatomical relationships with adjacent bones, such as the sphenoid and occipital bones, as well as the zygomatic process.

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