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Late Payment Notice for Ski Equipment Purchase

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Subject: Late Payment Notice for Ski Equipment Purchase Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this letter finds you ________.


We are writing to address an issue ____________ the payment for the ski equipment purchase made on XXXXX date.


According to our records, there has been a ________ in the payment for the invoice number XXXX which was due on XXXXX (date).


We understand that unforeseen circumstances may have caused this delay, and we are here to assist you in __________ this matter promptly.


However, it's essential to bring to your attention that late payments can impact our ability to maintain the quality of services and products we offer. As per the terms of our agreement, late payments incur a _________ fee of XXXX euros for each day past the due date.


Therefore, we kindly request that you settle the outstanding balance at your earliest convenience to avoid ______ charges.


Should you require any clarification regarding the payment details or wish to __________ alternative arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact our accounts department at XXXXX (tel number)


We value your business and hope to continue serving you in the ______.


Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly ______.


Study Notes

Late Payment Notice

  • A letter is sent to a client regarding an overdue payment for a ski equipment purchase made on a specific date.
  • The invoice number and due date are mentioned, indicating a delay in payment.

Consequences of Late Payment

  • Late payments can negatively impact the quality of services and products offered.
  • A penalty fee is incurred for each day past the due date, at a rate of [penalty fee or percentage].

Request for Payment

  • The client is requested to settle the outstanding balance as soon as possible to avoid further charges.
  • A copy of the invoice is attached for reference.

Contact Information

  • The accounts department can be contacted for clarification on payment details or to discuss alternative arrangements.
  • Contact information is provided for the accounts department.


  • The client's prompt attention to the matter is appreciated.
  • The letter aims to maintain a positive business relationship with the client.

This quiz text is about sending a late payment notice to a client regarding the purchase of ski equipment. It addresses the delay in payment for the invoice and offers assistance in resolving the matter promptly.

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