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Where did Langston Hughes spend his early years?

Kansas, Illinois, and Ohio

In what year did Langston Hughes publish his first poem?


Which movement did Langston Hughes become a part of?

Harlem Renaissance

Where did Langston Hughes study in 1921?

Columbia University

Which of the following countries did Langston Hughes not visit?


What was the title of Langston Hughes's book published in 1926?

'The Weary Blues'

How did Langston Hughes describe the intention of younger Negro artists in his famous essay?

"To express our individual selves without fear or shame"

What type of people did Langston Hughes have a special place in his heart for?

People with little money

What type of music inspired Langston Hughes' writing?

Blues music

Which two cities did Langston Hughes start theaters in?

New York and Los Angeles

How old was Langston Hughes when he passed away?


What is a common theme in Langston Hughes' poems about 'low-down folks'?

Praise for their strength despite little money

What did Langston Hughes use his writing to call for?

Equal rights for all races

Which group of people has been particularly moved by Langston Hughes' words?

African Americans

What is the main theme of blues music that Langston Hughes found inspiring?

'Blues' as sad songs about overcoming tough times

Study Notes

Early Life and Education

  • Langston Hughes spent his early years in Kansas and Illinois.
  • Hughes published his first poem in 1921.
  • In 1921, he studied at Columbia University in New York City.

Literary Career

  • Langston Hughes was a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance movement.
  • His book "The Weary Blues" was published in 1926.

Writing Style and Inspirations

  • Hughes was inspired by jazz and blues music, which influenced his writing style.
  • He had a special place in his heart for the working-class and common people.
  • Hughes' poems often focus on the struggles and lives of 'low-down folks', exploring themes of social justice and equality.

Theater and Legacy

  • Langston Hughes started theaters in Harlem and Los Angeles.
  • He passed away at the age of 65.

Impact and Themes

  • Hughes used his writing to call for racial equality and social justice.
  • His words have particularly resonated with the African American community.
  • The main theme of blues music that inspired Hughes was the struggle for freedom and equality.

Test your knowledge on the life of Langston Hughes, an influential American writer who was part of the Harlem Renaissance. Learn about his early years and his contributions to African-American literature.

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