Langston Hughes and Harlem Renaissance

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According to the passage, why did white people start coming to Harlem in the 1920s?

To visit the exclusive Cotton Club on Lenox Avenue

Why did Langston Hughes mention that he was never at the Cotton Club?

Because he did not want to associate with gangsters and monied whites

What was the attitude of the Harlem Negroes towards the Cotton Club?

They disapproved of its Jim Crow policy

Which literary style does Langston Hughes predominantly use in the passage?

Paratactic style

What is the primary focus of the passage?

Highlighting the discrimination faced by African Americans in Harlem

Who was welcomed at the Cotton Club, despite its discriminatory policies?

African American celebrities like Bojangles

What effect did the discriminatory policies of the Cotton Club have on its standing in Harlem?

It was not liked or appreciated by Harlem Negroes

Why did Langston Hughes describe the writing style as predominantly paratactic?

To emphasize the casual and conversational flavor of the writing

According to Langston Hughes, what was the Cotton Club's policy towards Negro patronage?

Exclusive and discriminatory

What major event does Langston Hughes discuss in relation to white people coming to Harlem?

The influx of white visitors to Harlem

According to the passage, why did ordinary Negroes dislike the growing influx of whites toward Harlem after sundown?

They were given the best ringside tables in the cabarets and bars, making the Negro customers feel like amusing animals in a zoo.

What was the consequence for the owners of Harlem clubs who barred their own race?

They quickly lost business and folded up.

What made Miss Bentley an amazing exhibition of musical energy?

Her ability to play a big piano all night long without stopping.

What does the author imply about the '20s and the changes in Harlem nightlife?

The '20s saw a decline in fine things in Harlem night life due to its commercialization and catering to downtown tourists.

Why did most small clubs in Harlem fail to attract patrons without black patronage?

They lacked big floor shows and a name band like the Cotton Club.

Why did Miss Bentley's old magic of the woman, piano, night, and rhythm disappear?

The place where she played became too well known, leading to changes in her style and audience.

What grievous error did some owners of Harlem clubs make regarding their own race?

They barred their own race after the manner of the famous Cotton Club.

Test your knowledge on Langston Hughes and the cultural movement of the Harlem Renaissance with this quiz based on a passage from "The Big Sea". Explore the significant impact of Hughes and his portrayal of Harlem in the 1920s.

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