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Labor Agreement Terms

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What is the purpose of the regular day off schedule in this Agreement?

To provide a consistent schedule for employees

What is the rate of overtime pay for hours worked in excess of eight hours a day?

One and one-half times the regular hourly rate

How is the regular hourly rate determined for the purpose of overtime pay?

By dividing the employee's base annual salary by 2080

What is an exception to the overtime pay rate?

Voluntary changes in the regular day off schedule

How is a regular day off ('RDO') treated for overtime pay purposes?

It is considered a break in the number of consecutive days worked

What happens if an officer is scheduled to work and works on their day off?

They receive pay at the call back rate

What is covered in a scheduling side letter?

Overtime pay for consecutive work days

What is the purpose of the overtime rate in Article VIII, Section 8.2?

To provide overtime pay for Christmas and New Years holidays

How many hours of vacation leave does an employee accrue after 10 years of continuous service?

136 hours

What is the minimum percentage of scheduled days of work an employee must have worked in the past 12 months to be eligible for vacation leave accrual?


How is vacation pay computed for an employee?

At the regular straight time hourly rate of the employee's classification

During which period of the year can an employee take a vacation?

During the vacation season, from January 1st to December 31st

What is the main consideration for granting vacations during a particular period?

Ensuring the efficient operation of the City

What is the purpose of limiting vacations during a particular period?

To avoid interference with the normal conduct of the City

Who has the final right to schedule vacations?

The City, to ensure efficient operation

How are vacations distributed when more are requested than can be granted?

Based on employee seniority

What are the two main conditions an employee must meet to be eligible for holiday pay?

Work the scheduled work day before and the day immediately following the holiday

Under what circumstances may an excused absence be granted?

Upon proper evidence submitted and when circumstances warrant

How are employees scheduled to work on a specific holiday?

Based on normal day off rotation

What is the payment rate for hours worked on a scheduled holiday?

Regular pay plus time and one-half

How many hours of personal leave do employees accrue after 5-9 years of service?

8 hours

What is the maximum personal leave balance an employee can accumulate?

40 hours

What happens to an employee's personal leave accrual when they reach the maximum balance?

They cease to earn additional personal leave hours

What is the purpose of Section 8.4 of the policy?

To describe the scheduling of holidays

What happens to an employee on the midnight shift who attends a training course of two days or more and has less than eight hours between the end of the instruction day and the start of the midnight shift?

They are paid time and a half for any hours less than eight hours between assignments.

What is the purpose of the Labor Management Conference?

To promote efficient management and harmonious employee relations.

Who appoints the City representatives to the Labor Management Conference?

The Police Chief.

How many days' notice must be given to request a Labor Management Conference?

Seven days.

What is the purpose of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy?

To provide guidance on substance abuse.

How many Union representatives attend the Labor Management Conference?


What is the format of the request for a Labor Management Conference?

A written request with a specific agenda.

How often may the Labor Management Conference be held?


How many hours of sick leave can a permanent full-time employee accumulate?

720 hours

What happens to an employee's sick leave accrual when they are absent on a legal holiday?

It continues to accumulate at the prescribed rate

Who approves an employee's request for sick leave?

The employee's department head

When must an employee inform their on-duty shift commander of their sick leave?

One hour prior to their scheduled duty

What is required for absences of three or more regular work days?

A certificate from the employee's physician

Can an employee use sick leave for an illness in their immediate family?

Yes, for illness or death in their immediate family

How many days of sick leave can an employee accumulate per month?

One day

What happens if an employee fails to notify their on-duty shift commander of their sick leave?

Their sick leave may be cause for denial of sick leave and pay

Understand the labor agreement terms, including schedules and overtime pay. Learn about the rules and regulations governing work hours and compensation.

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