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What is the preferred learning style according to the Kolb learning style inventory?

Connections-first learners

In learning a new instrument, what would connections-first learners prefer to do first?

Learn scales and chords theory

What do connections-first learners prioritize in learning a new instrument?

Applying to many instruments and many genres of music

What do opinionated and unsupported assumptions learners prefer in the classroom?

Watching the teacher demonstrate chord theory and the specific song they want to learn

What do one clear idea first learners prioritize in the classroom?

Learning one specific song they are interested in playing

Study Notes

Kolb Learning Style Inventory

  • The preferred learning style according to the Kolb learning style inventory is not explicitly stated, as Kolb's model proposes four different learning styles: diverging, assimilating, converging, and accommodating.

Connections-First Learners

  • When learning a new instrument, connections-first learners prefer to explore the overall sound and feel of the instrument first.
  • They prioritize understanding how the different parts of the instrument work together to produce sound.

Opinionated and Unsupported Assumptions Learners

  • In the classroom, learners with opinionated and unsupported assumptions prefer to debate and discuss their own ideas and opinions.

One Clear Idea First Learners

  • In the classroom, one clear idea first learners prioritize understanding the main concept or idea before moving on to details and examples.

Test your knowledge of the Kolb learning style inventory with this quiz. Determine if statements about learning styles are true or false, and identify the preferences of connections-first learners.

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