Kinetic Energy and Compressed Gases Quiz

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What happens to the kinetic energy of particles as the temperature rises?

It increases

Why is compressed natural gas (CNG) used as fuel in vehicles?

Because large volumes of CNG can be compressed into a small cylinder for easy transport

How do we perceive the smell of hot cooked food from a kitchen located far away?

The smell particles mix with air particles and diffuse rapidly to reach us

Why do gases show the property of diffusing very fast into other gases?

Due to the large space between gas particles

What is the minimum temperature at which a solid melts to become a liquid at the atmospheric pressure called?

Melting point

Why does the temperature of a solid remain the same during the process of melting?

The heat energy gets hidden into the contents of the beaker and is known as latent heat

What is the term used to describe the process of a liquid changing into a gas at a certain temperature?


What is the minimum temperature at which a liquid starts boiling at atmospheric pressure called?

Boiling point

Particles in water at 00 C (273 K) have more energy compared to particles in ice at the same temperature. What provides these particles with more energy?

The increased kinetic energy due to higher temperature

What term is used to describe the amount of heat energy required to change 1 kg of a solid into liquid at atmospheric pressure at its melting point?

Latent heat of fusion

Test your knowledge about the relationship between temperature, kinetic energy, and the properties of compressed gases such as LPG and CNG. Explore the principles of particle movement and energy in this quiz.

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