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Which study focused on the magical number 7 plus or minus 2?

Miller (1956)

Who presented a critique of Skinner's book 'Verbal behavior'?

Chomsky (1959)

Which work is associated with the organization of behavior in a neuropsychological theory?

Hebb (1949)

Which book focused on perception and communication?

Broadbent (1958)

Who is associated with the critique of Skinner's 'Verbal behavior' book in 1957?

Chomsky (1959)

What type of study involves conducting more in-depth one-on-one sessions with individuals?

Case study

Which of the following is NOT an example of a behavioral measurement in cognitive psychology?

Verbal reasoning

Which physiological measurement technique is commonly used to measure skin conductance as an indicator of psychological arousal?

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

In cognitive psychology, which type of measurement assesses brain activity by detecting changes in blood flow?


Which of the following is an example of a motor measurement commonly used in cognitive psychology studies?

Walking patterns

What two approaches have influenced the history of psychology?

Philosophy and physiology

Which method does philosophy most likely use to understand the general nature of many elements in the world?


In cognitive psychology, what is the main focus of understanding?

The mental processes underlying behavior

Which cognitive process involves retaining and recalling past experiences?


What aspect of cognition involves organizing sensory information to make sense of the world?


Test your knowledge on key theories in cognitive psychology like Hebb's neuropsychological theory, Miller's magical number, Broadbent's perception and communication, and Chomsky's critique of Skinner's verbal behavior.

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