Julienne Cut in French Cooking

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What is the French term for thin strips of vegetables, meat, or fruit?


What are the typical measurements for a batonnet cut?

1/4-inch by 1/4-inch, 2 to 3 inches long

What is the French term for round or oval, flat pieces created by cutting a cylindrical vegetable crosswise?


Which of the following vegetables is commonly julienned?


What is the meaning of the French term 'paysanne' in relation to vegetable cuts?

Flat squares, rounds, or triangles

What is the purpose of a batonnet cut?

To create larger pieces for roasting or sautéing

What does the term 'paysanne' mean in relation to vegetable cutting techniques?


Which cutting technique involves slicing leafy vegetables or herbs into long, thin strips?


What is the purpose of the brunoise cutting technique?

Making sauces like tomato concasse

Which vegetable cutting technique results in oblong, seven-sided football-like shapes?


What differentiates a brunoise from a mince?

Mince is any cut smaller than brunoise.

Which technique involves dicing julienned vegetable strips into even 3mm cubes?


Learn about the Julienne cut, a French cooking technique that involves cutting food items into thin strips similar to matchsticks. Discover the typical length and thickness of the strips used in Julienne cuts, along with common vegetables or fruits that are prepared using this technique.

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