Java JDK and Computer Programming Fundamentals Quiz

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Who originally developed Java?

James Gosling at Sun Microsystems

What is the current owner of Java?

Oracle Corporation

What are the two kinds of Java programs mentioned in the text?

Java applets and applications

When were web browsers capable of running Java programs introduced?

Starting from 1995

What is the general-purpose of Java as mentioned in the text?

Suitable for most applications: desktop, Internet, mobile, etc.

Which type of operator takes three operands?


What is the classification of an operator that takes two operands?


What is the symbol for the assignment operator in Java?


In an assignment statement, what does the left-hand side (LHS) consist of?

A variable of a primitive type

What is evaluated first in an assignment statement?

The expression on the RHS

Test your knowledge of computer programming language and Java JDK with this quiz for CS110 Section A, C, and F at the American University of Armenia. This quiz covers the fundamentals of Java JDK and computer programming, providing a comprehensive introduction to these essential concepts.

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