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What are the key beliefs of Jainism?

Jains believe in non-violence (ahimsa), non-possessiveness (aparigraha), and non-absolutism (anekantavada).

How does Jainism differ from other major Indian religions?

Jainism differs from other major Indian religions through its emphasis on non-violence, asceticism, and the belief in multiple perspectives (anekantavada).

What are some common practices and rituals in Jainism?

Common practices and rituals in Jainism include meditation, fasting, pilgrimage to holy sites, and the practice of non-violence towards all living beings.

"Discover Jainism: Beliefs, Practices, and Differences" Explore the key beliefs, practices, and differences of Jainism compared to other major Indian religions in this enlightening quiz. Delve into the teachings of Jains and learn about their common rituals and practices.

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