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What did Jack's mother ask him to do with the cow?

Take the cow to market and sell her

What did Jack receive in exchange for the cow?

Magic beans

What did Jack's mother do with the magic beans initially?

Threw them out of the window

What did Jack find the next morning when he looked out of the window?

A giant beanstalk

What items did Jack take from the giant's castle?

The hen and the golden harp

How did Jack defeat the giant in the end?

His mother chopped down the beanstalk

What did the giant ask the hen to do?


What sound did the harp make when the giant asked it to sing?

The harp began to sing.

What did the harp say when Jack tried to escape with it?

'Help, master!'

What did Jack shout when the giant was chasing him down the beanstalk?

'Mother! Help!'

How did Jack and his mother live happily ever after?

With the golden eggs and the magic harp.

What sound did the giant make when he woke up and saw Jack trying to escape?

'Fee, fi, fo, fum!'

Test your knowledge of the classic short story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. See how well you remember the details of Jack's adventure with the magic beans and the giant beanstalk.

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