ITPC 111 Chapter 1 Review: Interaction Design & HCI

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What does internal consistency refer to in interface design?

Designing operations to behave the same within an application

How is external consistency defined in interface design?

Designing operations to be the same across applications and devices

What is one advantage of having consistent interfaces?

They lead to a higher level of user acceptance and success

What level of user involvement may lead design team members to lose touch with users?

Full time involvement

Which type of user involvement is described as inconsistent across project life?

Short-term member of the design team

What method involves online contributions from thousands of users, such as Crowdsourcing design ideas?

Online Feedback Exchange (OFE) systems

Which of the following is not one of the four basic activities of interaction design?

Testing prototypes

What type of user involvement leads to patchy input and stress, according to the text?

"Part time: patchy input, and very stressful"

What happens when a member of the design team is involved full time?

They lose touch with users

Why is external consistency important in interface design?

To ensure the same operations across applications and devices

This quiz covers the relationship between Interaction Design (ID), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and various academic disciplines, design practices, and interdisciplinary fields. Topics include disciplines like psychology, social sciences, and computing sciences, as well as practices such as graphic design, product design, and industrial design.

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